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The state of emergency in the country ended in 2006 when the ruling authorities at the time signed a peace treaty with the Maoists. Currently, the British government advises those going to Nepalagainst all but essential travel in some parts of the country and suggests that you read their travel advice for other areas. Even the trekking areas occupied by the Maoists are safe enough. The main risk to which you will be exposed in Nepal is that of theft. As a result of the explosion in the tourist sector, petty crime has increased considerably. This is especially the case in the main towns such as Katmandu, Pokhara and the main tourist sites. It can also be a problem on public transport and whilst trekking. There is also a risk of assault in some areas.

As regards being ripped-off, here there is a genuine and significant risk. Apart from the fact that the shopkeepers often try to make you pay more than you should you must be on the look out for counterfeit products. Ancient relics are often, in reality, mass produced. Pashminas are often made of goat hair, and gold, silver and precious stones are often fake.

One last recommendation, tell yourself that the hippie era is long gone and that the dealers that you meet now belong to dangerous mafia type criminal gangs.

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